There are two reasons why a product purchased in the WEPLAY online store can be returned:

  • Within 14 calendar days from when you receive the product, you cancel the purchase and you do not want the product you received for whatever reason and you exercise the right of withdrawal according to the regulations. In this case, we will refund the full amount of what you paid, but we will charge you the cost of transporting the product back to our facilities.
  • The product you have received is not the one you ordered or is defective and the guarantee rules that we have established apply. In this case, we will not charge you for the repair costs, nor for the costs of transporting the product back to our facilities, nor for the costs of transporting the repaired product or its replacement to your home, except if the product is determined not to have been damaged, the reason for the damage or malfunction of the product is due to a fall or improper use, it was the product that you had requested or it complied, in the case of second-hand products, with the specifications on the condition of the product included in the data sheet product.

In all cases, it is necessary not to discard the packaging and retention elements received. They will be necessary to send the product in case of return. If it is not received in our warehouses with the packaging provided and the appropriate means of retention, the return will not be processed.
Steps of the return process.

  • Enter "My Account" and within the order you can request the return of the product by completing the form.
  • Indicate the reason for the return.
  • Indicate what solution you want, repair, change, refunds, etc.
  • Add an additional comment

24 – 48 hours after requesting the return you will receive an email with the instructions and the label that you will have to stick on the package for shipping. Go to the nearest post office and send us the product free of charge. When we receive the item, you will receive an email notifying you and our technical service will evaluate and certify the return or application of the guarantee. If the return is accepted, the return will receive a final email, remember the refund may take a few days to appear on your statement. The payment will be made in the same way you made your purchase, remember that this process may take a few days depending on your bank. If the return is not accepted, you will be notified by email, you can contact the WEPLAY customer service department to find out more details about the evaluation. In the case of non-conforming returns, WEPLAY is not obliged to pay the price paid for the returned products. If the customer wants the returned products, WEPLAY will send them to the address indicated, but always postage due or on behalf of the client.

1. Rules on the delivery of products at home

On the day of delivery you must ensure that the package is externally in good condition, if not, you must reject the shipment, reflecting the incident on the carrier's delivery note and notify us through the contact form within the next 24 hours. If you have received it by mistake, open it and check that the merchandise does not present any anomaly. In the event that you submit it, notify us through the contact form within the next 24 hours.

2. Derechos de desistimiento

2.1 Term

You can withdraw from the purchase and reject the product you have purchased, without having to indicate the reason why you want to reject it during a period of 14 calendar days from the day you received the product.

2.2 How to send the returned product

To return the purchase within 14 days, visit your customer area in the online store, within the My account section you can process your return or if you prefer, you can use the withdrawal form, although its use is not mandatory and We recommend using the automated process through the My Account section. WEPLAY provides you with a return label with postage paid so that you can send the package through the Post Office. In case you do not make the return through the WEPLAY label, it will not be responsible for the shipping costs of the product that may arise.

2.3 Status of returned products

The products that you are going to return must be returned in the same state in which you received them. The product must be in the same conditions in which you received it, including the manuals, accessories, promotional gifts and, in general, everything that you received together with the product you want to return. Second-hand products must not show damage or signs of use in addition to those indicated on the product sheet. In any case, the product received must correspond to the serial number, imei or code that identifies it with the one that appears in our files. When returning a product you must erase, delete and delete all personal data about you and/or a third party that may be present in said item, and you must modify the account settings so that it can no longer remember them. You will be fully responsible for any data breach that may occur if you do not proceed as directed. From the returned product and the box that contains it, you must eliminate any element that is not related to said returned product, as it was initially received from WEPLAY. WEPLAY will not be responsible for the elements that you leave by mistake in the returned product or inside the box that contains it.

2.4 Reimbursement of the amount paid

Once we check the condition of the product that you have returned, we will make the full refund of the order. However, we may not make a full refund of what you have paid, in the event that we observe that the product you return may have suffered a decrease in value as a result of handling other than that necessary to establish the nature, its characteristics or its operation.

2.5 Shipping costs of the returned product

To make the return you must pay the shipping costs of the return made from Spain for an amount of €6.00 ​​(VAT included), which will be deducted from the amount to be returned.

2.6 Products you cannot return

Keep in mind that if you have purchased a product that has been made according to the specifications that you have requested or that has been clearly personalized for you, you will not be able to return it. However, in these cases if the rules on guarantees can be applied in case the product you receive is not the one you requested or is defective.

3. Product guarantee

3.1 Application of the guarantee

If you consider that the product you have received is damaged, does not have the characteristics or functionalities that are determined in the product sheet or does not work or stops working correctly, and you have not been able to solve it by consulting the user guide or frequently asked questions or by contacting Contact the manufacturer or importer, you must notify us so that we can manage the guarantee. The guarantee is not applicable when the reason for the damage or its malfunction is because you have dropped the product and it has broken or because you have used it incorrectly. If it is determined that the reason for the defect of the returned product is one of these, it will be returned to you without repair and to the address from which it was collected and you will be charged for the expenses that have originated. In second-hand products, the guarantee will not be applicable to defects that have been previously specified in the product description.

3.2 Warranty period

The period of time in which the guarantee is applicable is two years for new products and one year for second-hand products, counted from the day you received the product. Likewise, you must bear in mind that defects that appear within a period of six months from the time of delivery are presumed to have existed at the time of delivery unless the defect is not compatible with the nature of the product or type of defect. . In the event that the defect appears later, it will be up to you to prove that the defect existed at the time of delivery. In cases where the warranty period has elapsed, we will not be responsible for defects that the product may have and if you wish, you can contact the manufacturer or importer of the product so that they can offer you a solution.

3.3 The repair or replacement of defective products

On the occasion of the application of the guarantee, you can first choose between requesting that we repair the product or requesting that we send another one of the same. However, it will not be possible to carry out the replacement if the costs of carrying out the replacement are greater than the costs of carrying out the repair. It will also not be possible to request a replacement if you have purchased a second-hand product or the product you have purchased is unique, such as a collector's item. To carry out the repair, WEPLAY will make the repair service for defective items available to you. The repair will be carried out by the manufacturer or an external repair service provider authorized by the manufacturer to repair its products or by WEPLAY technical personnel. In cases where the product cannot be repaired, we will replace the product with another of the same characteristics.

3.4 Shipping costs for defective products

In the event that the return is due to a malfunction of the product or because you have received the wrong product or it does not meet the specifications of the product file, WEPLAY will provide you with a return label with postage paid so that you can send your package free of charge. through Corros, however, in cases where you use another means of delivery, the costs incurred will be at your expense. WEPLAY will carry out the verification of the same and, in the event that the product works correctly, costs related to the management of the return may be applied.

3.5 Expenses for repair or replacement

The costs of collecting the defective product and. where appropriate, the repair and shipping of the repaired product when the warranty is applied will be assumed by WEPLAY.

3.6 Price reduction or resolution

If it is not or has not been possible to repair or replace the defective product, you can choose between requesting a reduction in the price paid for the product or, after returning the product, a refund of the total amount you paid. However, you will not be able to request a refund of everything you have paid when the product defect is minor.